Where does the name “Krak House” come from? Is everyone in the community a “krak” addict?

Perhaps some members are, but that is not where the name Krak House comes from. The name is essentially a derivative of “Krakrabbit”, the handle of one of the co-founders of Krak House. Krak House is also a sister site to Krakrabbit , which is, as the name suggests, is owned by Krakrabbit. However, unlike Krakrabbit.com, the Krak House community is solely based on team-based multiplayer gaming.

Are you are multi-game guild/clan?

Yes we are. At the moment we have a fairly limited amount of games that the Krak House community is staked in, but in the future we expect to excel and become notable in number of multiplayer-focused games.

Do you only play on the PC?

No. In the future we plan on expanding our community into a variety of multiplayer-focused games including those of which are primarily played on consoles (such as Call of Duty titles, for example).

What is the atmosphere of the Krak House?

A fun one! Krak House heavily encourages members to be team players, do their absolute best to help out the community and most of all, have fun! We here at Krak House do not screw around and are continually looking to improve not only ourselves as individuals but also improve the stature and notoriety of the guild/clan as a whole.

Do I have to be an experienced gamer to be in Krak House?

Not necessarily. We don’t look down on “noobs” and we look to provide an environment that both amateurs and “experienced” gamers alike can enjoy and learn in. The founders of Krak House are experienced gamers themselves and are more than willing to share any knowledge they have about specific game titles or gaming in general.

Just how long has Krak House been around? Is it an established group?

Yes, actually. In some capacity, Krak House has been around for years spanning across multiple gaming titles. The founders of Krak House are now looking to expand their group and become a force in multiplayer gaming, but just because you may not have heard of us before doesn’t mean we weren’t here the whole time!

What are the goals of Krak House as a community?

To become the best we can possibly be. We will be more than willing to take in “noobs” or inexperienced players, but we expect those players to put full effort into learning from more experienced members of Krak House and improving in general. We at Krak House play for fun, but it is important to note that we are competitive in many ways and desire to also play to win.

Your community sounds amazing! But…how can I be a part of Krak House?

Simply check out the Join Us page and follow the instructions detailed there. A list of requirements and a more in-depth explanation of the community is provided there.

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