Request Admission Into Krak House Guild/Clan (Guild Wars 2)!

The time has arrived for our official Krak House Guild Wars 2 Invite.

We Are:

Krak House is a guild within the PC game Guild Wars 2. In “GW2”, Krak House is focused, at the moment, on “PvE” (Player vs. Environment) gameplay as well as PvP (Player vs. Player) action. As our Guild numbers grow, we will then look to dive even further into the newly created “WvW” (World vs. World) mode, planning future mass-scale events for the members of Krak House.

In addition to focus on specific modes, Krak House also encourages any kinds of professions (classes) or disciplines. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Armor-Smithing Ranger, Jewel making-Warrior, cooking Elementalist or any other combination of the sort. So long as you have a copy of the game, you may be eligible for admission into the guild.

The general mentality of Krak House is to put full effort into all of our team engagements and work as a synchronized group whenever possible. Being a “lone wolf” but contributing little to the guild is not something we are looking for. Krak House heavily encourages teamwork and communication in addition to just having fun.

The home sever, or base of operations as it were, will be on “Ferguson's Crossing”. Krak House will be around and active for the duration of the game’s lifespan and the overall goal of this guild is to be a hub for fun-loving gamers who are yet serious about this “hobby” of theirs.

As far as time ranges go, the guild leaders are based in the Pacific (PST) time zone but we accept members from all areas.

The guild is ran by co-founders “Krakrabbit” and “Tzar”, both of whom have prior experience in some previous MMORPGs in addition to plenty of time logged on the beta events for Guild Wars 2.


Please note: We run the crafting class in such a way that we have "Official" Krak House crafters that are for Guild member use. Our official crafters are chosen by (or in some cases are) the leaders of the Guild.

Our official crafters are people that other Guild members can feel safe going to and conducting business with. Not just anyone can be chosen as an official crafter at Krak House.

At the launch of Guild Wars 2 the co-founders will be approved official crafters that all guild members can go to for crafting needs. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT CRAFT ON YOUR OWN!!! You are more than welcome to craft on your own but it is important to note that conducting any type of crafting transactions between Guild members is not allowed unless one of you is listed with the Guild as an official crafter.

The reason we have this requirement in place is because of the unique mail system that Guild Wars 2 features. With the mail system that is currently in place, it allows for members of the game (not just Guild members) to mail items to one another via the mail system. The problem with this set-up is that one person must initiate the trade and send their items though the mail system first, relying solely on faith that the other member will hold up their end of the deal and mail them the agreed upon item in exchange.

As you can see, doing trades with people that you do not fully trust is a dangerous proposition in this current mail system form. It is highly recommend you do as many outright trading with Krak House guild members only and as we said before, ALL crafting business must be conducted with official Krak House approved crafters.

When you do decide to use an official Krak House crafter, it is important that the person requesting the services of the official Krak House crafter send their payment, item etc. through the mail system first! We have approved these Guild members for official crafting duty for a reason and all Guild members should feel comfortable that it will be a legit, smooth transaction when they request official Krak House crafters to conduct business with.

Also, Guild Members should be aware that crafting costs money. Just because we have official crafters for the Guild does not mean we want those members to go broke crafting for the entire Guild. Of course, we also don’t want them gouging Guild members on crafted items. The whole idea is to arm the Guild with the best possible items in the game but at the most reasonable costs associated with that.

Currently we are using a system of charging current market price minus the special Guild member discount of -5 Bronze/Copper of the lowest available price at the auction house.

If a Guild member requests an official crafter to craft them a 4 slot leather sack. The official crafter would go to the auction house and pull up the current auctions for a 4 slot leather bag. At that point the official crafter would look at the lowest available price for the 4 slot leather bag and either offer the bag for sale at the lowest available auction price minus 5 Bronze/Copper or they may also offer the item for vendor trade-in pricing.

What determines the price the Guild member is going to pay is the difference in pricing between the current market pricing and the vendor trade-in price.

Example 1: Let's say in this case the official crafter pulls up the current market pricing on the leather bags (via the auction house) and finds the lowest available price on such an item to be currently sitting at 6 Bronze/Copper. If the official crafter offered the bag for 5 Bronze/Copper below the lowest market price of 6 Bronze/Copper he would only get 1 Bronze/Copper and would be losing money on the transaction! Since the vendor trade-in price (4 Bronze/Copper) for the same item is so close to the lowest current market price the official crafter would just offer the 4 slot bag for the vendor trade-in price of 4 Bronze/Copper. This method ensures our Guild members are getting a better deal then they can find on the market place!

Example 2: Let's say in this case the official crafter pulls up the current market pricing on the leather bags (via the auction house) and finds the lowest available price on such an item to be currently sitting at 20 Bronze/Copper. We already know the vendor trade-in price for this item is 4 Bronze/Copper, so even with a quick glance you can see that we have a little room to work with between the current market price and the vendor trade-in price. In this example the official crafter would take the lowest current market price (20) and then lower it by 5 Bronze/Copper pieces for a total crafting price of 15 Bronze/Copper. This method ensures our Guild members are getting a better deal then they can find on the market place!

Hopefully that was not too confusing! Basically, when the current market price is further away from the vendor trade-in price the odds suggest you are going to get the item for lowest auction house price minus the 5 Bronze/Copper Guild members discount.

When the current market price is very close to the vendor trade-in price the odds suggest you are going to get the item for vendor trade-in price, which will still be below the current market price!

In both cases, regardless if you pay vendor price or the lowest market price minus the 5 Bronze/Copper Guild member discount, you are still getting a heck of a deal and it will be better than anything you can find anywhere else.

The reason we chose this type of method is because the market place is always in flux, it was too difficult to put a flat percentage on all crafted items.

So even though this is a little more work for the official crafters (they have to check the current market pricing before offering a price for the item) We felt this was the absolute best way to ensure that all of our loyal Guild members get a real benefit from being in the Guild.

Since you will ALWAYS be getting crafted items cheaper than you can find in the market place, we think that should count as a huge benefit to being an ACTIVE member of the Krak House Guild family.

Central Guild Bank:

For those unaware, the "Guild Bank" is, as the name suggests, a bank where the guild can deposit items that they obtain on the course of their travels. Objects in the Guild Bank can be "withdrawn" as well, but Krak House is opting to innovate a special system for their members that differs from what some other guilds may be adopting.

The system that the co-founders of Krak House have agreed on is as follows:

All members will be allowed, and expected to, contribute some items to the Guild Bank of Krak House. We do not expect you to put everything you find into the Guild Bank, but if we find that you are only taking advantage of the benefits of the guild without contributing we will issue warnings for said lack of contributions that could possibly end in suspension or termination from the Krak House Guild.

All of the guild members' contributions, or lack thereof, will be logged daily/weekly/monthly and tracked to ensure fairness to all guild members (as in, to make sure there are no "freeloaders" within the guild).

That said, Krak House will NOT ACCEPT GRAY ITEMS as contributions to the Guild Bank. These items, which are easily identified by their gray item name, are practically worthless and have no use in the game. The guild will NOT acknowledge gray items put into the Guild Bank as a real contribution and it is better if you did not waste space in the Guild Bank by putting those items, often classified as "junk" into the Guild Bank.

Krak House WILL accept all other items into the Guild Bank though, and the eligible contributions into the Guild Bank are as follows:

White (Common)

Blue (Fine)

Green (Masterwork)

Yellow (Rare)

Orange (Exotic)

Red (Legendary)

Purple (Mystic)

We also will accept any crafting materials that Guild Members would like to donate to the Central Guild Bank.

There are four separate types of crafting material and also ingredients used for cooking.

Common Crafting Materials: Common crafting materials are the items used to create every other item through crafting by being made into Crafting Components such as Longbow Staves, Axe Blades, Focus Cores.

Scraps, ores, leather sections, and logs are the raw materials that are commonly found through looting, salvaging, or harvesting.

Bolts, ingots, leather squares, and planks are refined materials that are produced at a crafting station from raw materials.

Spools of thread can currently only be acquired by purchase through vendors found at the crafting stations (usually a Master or Apprentice of that crafting discipline) and are used to make Embroidered Insignia and various armor crafting components.

Alloying lumps are materials that are also only available through purchase from crafting station vendors. They are used, together with another ore, to make alloys such as Bronze, Steel, and Darksteel that are then used in crafting various weapons, armors, and storage boxes.

Fine Crafting Materials: Fine crafting materials are trophies looted from enemy corpses that are often used as Activators in the crafting of weapons and armor.

Bones, Claws, Dust, Fangs, Scales, Totems, Venom Sacs, and Vials of Blood are types of Activators.

Rare Crafting Materials: Rare crafting materials are items looted from enemy corpses that are often used in the crafting of runes and sigils.

Soiled Essence, Onyx, Molten, Glacial, Destroyer, Crystal, Corrupted, and Charged are types of rare crafting materials.

Gemstones: A Gemstone is a piece of mineral that can be used in many different ways. They are unique among crafting materials in that they fill three roles in crafting, as activators when crafting accessories and jewels, as upgrade components on weapons and armor, as a crafting material when used to transmogrify gemstones of a higher tier.

Amber, Amethyst, Carnelian, Garnet, Lapis, Malachite, Pearl, Peridot, Spinel, Sunstone, Tiger's Eye, Topaz, and Turquoise are low level gems.

Beryl, Chrysocola, Coral, Emerald, Opal, Ruby, and Sapphire are high level gems.

Ingredients: An ingredient is an item used by the chef discipline. You can get ingredients through gathering or by purchasing them from a merchant.

A large key of this system that Krak House is adopting regarding the Guild Bank is the fact that all of the items deposited into the Guild Bank then become the property of the guild as a whole, not any one individual. All items put into the Guild Bank are subject to being sold, traded or salvaged for the good of the guild.

You may be wondering "but...why would I put my hard earned items into the Guild Bank and get nothing out of it?". That is a valid concern but not one that you need to worry about with Krak House. The co-founders of the guild will not only donate their own items (and money) for the overall use of the guild, but more importantly the items that are put into the Guild Bank will be used solely for community-minded purposes.

When we say that the items are likely to be sold, traded or salvaged, that is not for the benefit of the co-founders. As a matter of fact, the more items you put into the Guild Bank the more it aids the entire guild! The reasoning behind this is that when Krak House sells, trades or salvages an item that was put into the Guild Bank, the proceeds of that will be pumped directly back into the guild.

For example, if sold, some of the money from those items will be used to buy "Influence", a currency system within the guild that will allow the co-founders to apply special "buffs" or "boons" to all members in the guild such as 5% more experience earning for two days, etc.

Guild members should be aware that "Influence" is not a cheap thing to purchase for the guild! There are four ways to buy influence with coins, but the exchange rate is the same for each: 10 points of influence costs 2 silver pieces!

Some of the money will also go into a specific Guild Bank "fund" of sorts that will act as a padding for any expenses the guild may sustain over the course of it's lifespan.

There is a dedicated forum section that will act as an announcement thread for the business regarding the Guild Bank (such as what we used the proceeds from Guild Bank items for), this is to keep the members of the guild all the more informed. Any and all buffs, boons or upgrades we purchase for the guild will be described in new threads throughout the board so that all members of the guild can see exactly what kind of perks and benefits that the guild is currently receiving.

On that note, it is important to remember that almost all of the buffs and boons that can be applied to all guild members are time sensitive. Some will last for days while other limited-time perks will only be active for a matter of hours!

As such, it is important to remember that anytime you are on the forum or preparing to play Guild Wars 2 you should continually check back to the Guild Announcements board as new threads will be posted as improvements are made, providing constant updates on what perks are currently available to Krak House members.

We Provide:

Krak House is first and foremost a team that likes to...well, play as a team! As mentioned earlier, if you are unwilling to be a team player and aid the guild in your own ways, the Krak House is likely not going to be a good fit for you. If you like the idea of a tight knit guild that watches each other’s backs, you can also enjoy these benefits as a guild member.

- A hub for discussion. An ad-free website for Guild Wars 2 and the Krak House guild/clan as a whole is provided for members of the guild to experience.

- Forums. Access to the typically private community forums that not only feature discussions about Krak House in general, but also specific discussions about Guild Wars 2 and any other games Krak House is currently engaged in.

- Guild crafters at your service. Access to certified guild crafters who will be able to provide a completely trustworthy source of crafted goods at discounted rates. The marketplace/auction house will provide crafted goods, but the items listed on public auctions will be not cheaper then what official Krak House crafters can offer!

- A friendly atmosphere. Krak House is a friendly community that strives on providing an area where everyone of all skill levels can learn, grow and have fun!

- Constant teamwork. Teamwork in guild activities of Krak House is a given and anyone a part of the guild can expect well-coordinated, organized gameplay, even in the “PvE” mode!

SPvP tournament opportunities. “SPvP” is a 5-on-5 Player vs. Player mode that pits five of the guild’s members against seven other 5-man teams online (making for eight 5-man teams in all) in a competitive environment. Not everyone is required to participate, but if competitive head-to-head gameplay is up your alley then you might have the opportunity to fight for the guild!

WvWvW. Quite simply, all of those letters mean “World vs. World vs. World”. WvWvW is a mass scale battle that features open-world combat on 4 large maps with up to several hundreds of players per map. In World versus World, players can besiege structures such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, battle over resources, and win rewards for their world. Guild members will also have an opportunity to engage in teamwork-oriented gameplay of that mode, earning loot for themselves and glory for the guild!

- Experience! The co-founders of Krak House are experienced in gaming and in some form, Krak House has been around for years in countless video game titles. As such, newbies to Guild Wars 2, MMORPGs or even gaming in general will have a home here where they can continuously learn and thrive.

We Expect:

For the most part, Krak House is a laid back guild that is easy going, but that doesn’t mean we are without guidelines or rules. Some of the basic rules, most of which are common sense, include:

- No cheating. Anything that is not allowed in the terms of agreement is also prohibited within our guild. We are a legitimate community and do not want to attract the wrong kind of attention.

- Activity. We would like you to be as active as possible within the community and ask that you log in at least two times a week. Currently we are not requiring actual “play hours” in order to stay in the guild, but if we find that you are not contributing during your time online (particularly by not "representing" the guild when online), you will be warned for your inactivity.

Further violations can result in suspension or termination of your membership with Krak House. With that said, life happens and if something happens in real life that forces you to avoid being online for an extended amount of time just let us know and we will save your spot in the guild for when you can return.

- Forum contributions. All members of Krak House are required to have an account on the forum, but we also would like to ask you to stay active on that forum account. The whole point of being in the guild is to communicate and socialize with like-minded individuals and as such, participation in the forum should be a given.

- Central guild bank contributions. All members of Krak House are expected to be relatively active when it comes to supplying the community Guild Bank with new items. We do not require that you put all that you own into the Guild Bank, but we would like to see you contributing to the community "Vault" with any non-gray items that you have no use for.

- Add-ons. Quite simply, if/when “expansion packs” for Guild Wars 2 come out sometime after launch, we may require members of Krak House to purchase said expansion packs so the entire guild has access to the content.

- Mandatory participation. This is pretty run-of-the-mill, but if you are playing online you are a part of Krak House and as such should be available to join into any unscheduled group events. By mandatory, we mean to ask that you please be there when other members of Krak House are banded together. It is not an iron rule, as we understand that occasionally members may want to play by themselves, but try to come when we call on you.

- Attitude. Being respectful to other guild members is a must! If you have a bad attitude please do not attempt to join our Guild because you will not last long.

- Avoiding an excess of foul language. We require maturity in members but throwing an array of cuss-bombs at people all the time does not help anything. Casual swearing is fine, but don’t overdo it.

- Voice Chat. We prefer all members have a mic for voice chat, but at the start we will give some leeway if everyone is not rocking a voice chat mic. If as time goes by we see this has become a serious issue we will address it then. If on voice chat, ability to communicate in an intelligent and understandable way with fellow guild members.

- Real Life. Life outside of gaming to take priority. We will not give you hassle if you run into issues that do not allow you to play as much as you may like.

- Language. A full understanding of English. If you’ve made it this far, you probably know how to speak English but just in case, we require that you are able to communicate (in an understandable manner) by using the English language. This is a guild based out of North America, but anybody who speaks English is welcome to join.

- Maturity is a must. We do not encourage overly childish behaviour or, for that matter, small children to have a place in this guild. We don’t care so much about age (age is just a number, after all), but if you cannot keep a mature head on your shoulders then there are other guilds that would fit you better.

- Loyalty. Primary character in Guild Wars 2 must be dedicated to Krak House as its sole guild. We do not want “guild hoppers” in this community. We would like dedication and loyalty if you wish to be a part of our group. If the guild discovers that you are involved with multiple guilds, you are liable to be warned and, if no action is taken, kicked from the guild.

- Server. Ferguson's Crossing home server for your primary character, obviously.

If you meet the above, and would like to join Krak House, then sign up for the FORUMS, follow the instructions and if you wish, contact one of the founders of the guild there.

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